About Bryan Fenley

To know Bryan Fenley is to see a guy whose top priority is connecting with his viewing audience on a personal level.

For him, the most rewarding part about sportscasting is not the ego rooted "Hey look at me" side. No. It's instead, how can he use his position to help others reach their dreams.

See, not everyone has the time or cares to do that.

However, he feels his responsibility is bigger than the game he covers.

While he's not the braggadocios type, hundreds and hundreds of athletes would spring at the chance to give a testimony of how Bryan has changed their lives.

As a sportscaster, whether it be from his time in Memphis, to prior stops in Spokane and Winston-Salem, North Carolina and even going back to his college days at UNC-Greensboro, Bryan has shown what it takes to carve out a path in this industry and climb up the ranks.